Rutherford B. Porter Scholarship

Under the guidance of the ICASE President-elect, Dr. Michael P. Livovich, Jr., the ICASE Foundation was established on September 29, 1993 with a Dr. Rutherford B. Porter Scholarship. Initially, two scholarships were to be awarded in the amount of $500 for tuition support the following year (1994-95) to selected students attending an Indiana accredited training program in special education or speech pathology at the graduate or undergraduate (junior/senior) level. In part, the scholarships were to address the shortage of licensed special education teachers and speech pathologists in Indiana.
Dr. Rutherford Porter, who was referred to by many educators as the "father of special education in Indiana", was professor emeritus in the School of Education at Indiana State University after his retirement in 1975. He was chairperson of the department of special education, which also included educational psychology and speech and hearing training programs, at ISU from 1948 through 1975. Dr. Porter was instrumental in the early provision of training and licensure in the areas of educational, psychological, and speech and hearing services in the State of Indiana. He earned his B.S. degree from Allegheny College, a master's degree from the University of Pittsburgh, and the Doctor of Education degree from Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Porter was born on June 17, 1909 and died on December 15, 2002 at Terre Haute.
At their February 16, 2000 meeting, members of the ICASE Executive Committee approved a motion to accept the following revised criteria for the Porter Scholarship:
1. An eligible recipient may be a traditional (full-time) or non-traditional (part-time) junior/senior or graduate student who has demonstrated academically a sincere commitment to the field of special education.
2. An eligible recipient must have professional interest in exceptional children with a declared major in special education, which includes speech language pathology or school psychology. The applicant may also be in pursuit of an endorsement in an area of special education.
3. The student must demonstrate a sincere desire to participate and develop activities which contribute locally to persons in need.
The scholarship is payable to the recipient's university to offset tuition expenses and was increased in September 1996 to $600 and again in September 1999 to $1,200 for each recipient. Each recipient also receives an engraved ICASE plaque as an award recognition.
Scholarship recipients include the following individuals and his/her respective university:
September 19, 2008:  (yet to be named)
September 28, 2007: Sara E. Maze (Indiana University Southeast), Kathryn Pierce (Indiana University South Bend)
September 29, 2006: Rachel Fender (Indiana University), Audra Erny (Indiana State University)
September 29, 2005: Laura E. Jones (IU Southeast), Amanda Wilson (Indiana State University)
September 29, 2004: Lu Ann Emily (IU Southeast), Heather Walenga (Indiana State University)
September 25, 2003: Scholarships were suspended for one year.
September 26, 2002: Beth Browning (Indiana State University), Jill Marie McIntosh (IU Southeast), and Grace Elizabeth Wilhoite (IU Southeast)
September 28, 2001: Jacalyn Decker (Ball State University), Melissa G. Ice (Indiana State University), and Audrey Lorey (Indiana State University)
September 28, 2000: Vera May Rutherford (IU Southeast), Krista Renee Johnson (Purdue University), and Bonnie K. Shidler (Indiana State University)
September 23, 1999: Jennifer Pankey (IU Southeast) and April Stetter (Indiana State University)
September 24, 1998: Ericka Schulte (Indiana State University)
September 25, 1997: Daniel Shafer (University of Evansville)
September 27, 1996: Jennifer Jung (Indiana State University) and Jennifer Mann (Ball State University)
September 29, 1995: Rebecca Richter (Indiana State University), Renee Schultz (Ball State University), and Colleen Thoma (Indiana University).
September 24, 1994: The first two scholarship recipients were Jana Janeese Walker (Indiana State University) and Janean Friedman (University of Evansville).